Suite 12 - 2544 Dunlevy St.
Victoria, BC  V8R 5Z2
Tel: (250) 480-7481

Areas of Expertise

  • Administrative and
    constitutional law
  • Human rights
  • Self-governing professions
  • Regulatory Law
  • Information and privacy
  • Customized training
  • Investigations (human rights, harassment & conflict of interest)

Lawyers + Mediators

We are a boutique law firm committed to providing exceptional legal services to clients. We bring expertise, common sense and creativity in providing legal advice and resolving legal problems.

Our approach is personal -- we do our work ourselves. We take pride in the long-standing and collaborative relationships that we have with our clients, working with them to find the most efficient way to respond to their legal needs.

An important focus of our practice with many of our clients, including statutory decision-makers and public bodies, is to provide a full range of advisory services, on matters such as policy development, drafting of rules and by-laws, jurisdiction and governance.

We have extensive litigation experience before administrative tribunals and all levels of court. While litigation is sometimes clearly the only appropriate course of action, we also believe that exploring voluntary dispute resolution can sometimes offer more creative, effective and lasting resolution of conflicts. We look at all options together with our clients to determine what strategies will best achieve their interests.

Our clients are diverse. We act for governments, administrative tribunals and other public bodies, as well as many self-governing professions.