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Areas of Expertise


  • British Columbia, 1989


  • LL.B., University of Victoria


Angela began her legal career with the Ministry of Attorney General where she practiced in both the Civil Litigation and Constitutional and Administrative law sections of Legal Services Branch. In 1997, Angela and Debbie left the provincial government to establish Lovett Westmacott.

Angela practices in the areas of administrative, constitutional and human rights law. She advises and represents a broad range of public sector clients and self-governing professions providing both regulatory advice and representation in litigation. She has more than 25 years experience appearing before and advising government and other regulatory bodies, and appearing at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. She has extensive judicial review and appellate experience. She has also prosecuted many cases before discipline panels of self-governing professions.

Angela was involved in the BC Attorney General's Administrative Justice Project and co-authored (with Debbie) the Human Rights Review - A Background Paper and was a legal advisor and investigator for the Information and Privacy Commissioner's first report concerning the Lobbyist Registration Act.

Angela is a frequent speaker at conferences on administrative law, human rights and self-governing professions and has conducted extensive training for governments, administrative tribunals and colleges. In 2011 and 2013, Angela co-facilitated conferences on professional self-regulation for self-governing professions. She was also a speaker at the 2011 CLE on Self-Governing Professions on Human Rights and the Registration Process and co-chaired the 2014 CLE on Professional Self-Regulation.

Angela is currently a member of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Committee. Her past appointments include vice-chair of the Safety Standards Appeal Board, member of the Law Society of British Columbia Unauthorized Practice Committee, member of the Law Society of British Columbia Credentials Committee, and member designate of the B.C. Human Rights Council. She was a sessional instructor for trial advocacy at the University of Victoria Law School for a number of years.

Angela also works as a neutral, providing investigation services primarily in the area of workplace disputes and discrimination and harassment complaints.


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  • "Criminal Code Court-Ordered Psychiatric and Psychological Assessments and the Role of the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission", 2011 Advocate 663
  • "Human Rights Considerations in the Admissions Process for Self-Governing Professions", Continuing Legal Education - Self-Governing Professions (April 2011)
  • "Practice Aspects of Procedural Fairness: Special Duties in Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants", Pacific Business & Law Institute (March 2011)
  • "Conflict of Interest and Bias", Continuing Legal Education - Professional Self-Regulation (April 2014)


Administrative and constitutional law:

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Human rights:

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Health and Forensic Mental Health:

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Information and Privacy:

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Land Title and Financial Services Regulation:

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